About The Course

The Post Graduate Diploma program in SAP – HANA / S4 HANA is an intensive six months job oriented programme. This course is targeted towards engineers and IT professionals or any participant with mathematical background who wish to start their carrier into the domain of SAP HANA. The course aims to groom the students to enable them to work on current technology scenarios as well as prepare them to keep pace with the changing face of technology and the requirements of the growing IT industry. The course curriculum has been designed keeping in view the emerging trends in SAP HANA as well as contemporary and futuristic human resource requirements of the IT industry. The entire course syllabus, course ware, teaching methodology and the course delivery have been derived from the rich research and development background from VAIDEHI SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES. The depth of the course is unique in the industry covering a wide spectrum of requirements of the IT industry.

SAP HANA is an in-memory, column-oriented, relational database management system developed and marketed by SAP ® Its primary function as a database server is to store and retrieve data as requested by the applications. In addition, it performs advanced analytics (predictive analytics, spatial data processing, text analytics, text search, streaming analytics, graph data processing) and includes ETL capabilities as well as an application server.

S/4HANA, released in 2015, written specifically for the HANA platform, combines functionality for ERP, CRM, SRM and others into a single HANA system. S/4HANA is intended to be a simplified business suite, replacing earlier generation ERP systems. While it is likely that SAP will focus its innovations on S/4HANA, some customers using non-HANA systems have raised concerns of being locked into SAP products. Since S/4HANA requires an SAP HANA system to run, customers running SAP business suite applications on hardware not certified by SAP would need to migrate to a SAP-certified HANA database should they choose the features offered by S/4HANA.


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17 Sept 2018
Online Instructor Based Training
6 Months
50,000/ 714 70,000


Mon to Fri (24 weeks)
10 AM - 12 PM
6 Months
80,000/ 1142 1,20,000

Mon to Fri (24 weeks)
10 AM - 12 PM
6 Months
80,000/ 1142 1,20,000

Course Learning Outcomes

The course provides students with an overview on the capabilities of SAP HANA, its concepts and architecture, and various scenarios of using SAP HANA. It explains how to perform modeling tasks and how to create flexible analytical models based on real-tim


Gain an overview of SAP HANA.


Understand the architecture of In-memory computing and the different scenarios SAP HANA.


Get insights in using various technique of data provisioning with SAP HANA.


Familiarize with data modeling with SAP HANA.


Learn how to use SAP BI reporting tools with SAP HANA for analytical purposes.

Learning Path

  • Module-1
      Create Attribute Views
    • Design Analytical Views
    • Create Calculation Views from multiple analytical Views
    • Best Practices while Creating Information Models
  • Module-2
    • Performance Optimization techniques in SAP HANA
    • Currency Conversion
    • Meta data import to SAP HANA Using SAP
    • Export and Import Models
    • Hierarchies – Level Based Hierarchies and Parent Child Hierarchies
    • Restricted Measures & Calculated Measures & Calculated Attributes
    • Auto Documentation of Information Models
  • Module-3
    • Information Design Tool
    • Integrate HANA/S4 with Excel
    • Integrate HANA/S4 with Lumira
    • Integrate HANA/S4 with Analysis for OLAP
    • Integrate HANA/S4 with Design Studio
    • Integrate HANA with Explorer
    • Integrate HANA with Webi
    • Integrate HANA with Crystal Reports for enterprise
  • Module-4
    • SAP DXC – Direct Extractor Connection
    • SAP Landscape Transformation
    • Flat File Upload to SAP HANA
    • SAP Data Services
    • Smart Data Access
  • Module-5
    • Installation Preparations
    • SAP HANA Architecture
    • SAP HANA Cockpit
    • SAP HANA Scenarios and Deployment
    • Database Administration Tasks
    • Backup and Recovery
    • SAP HANA Studio Installation and configuration
  • Module-6
    • Monitor HDB
    • Maintaining Users and Authorization
    • High Availability and Disaster Tolerance
    • Analytical privileges, Package privileges,
    • System privileges, SQL privileges
    • Creating Users
    • Creating Roles
    • Assign Privileges to Users/Roles
    • SQL statements for user management
  • Module-7
    • COPA Overview COPA Reporting in HANA
    • Architecture for CO–PA Accelerator, Use Case Scenarios, Scope
    • DBSL – Data Shared Library Connection for HANA as a secondary Database
    • SLT – Replication – SAP HANA Model
    • Start with SAP BW/4 HANA
    • Open ODS view
    • Consuming SAP HANA Objects in ABAP
    • SAP S/4HANA Overview
    • SAP Fiori Applications Moudle-8
    • Software Components of SAP HANA
    • SAP HANA Database
    • SAP HANA Studio
    • SAP HANA Client
    • SAP HANA Function Libraries
  • Module-9
    • Software for Data Replication
    • Software for Direct Data Access
    • Lifecycle Management Components
    • Basic Principles of In-Memory Technology
    • Architecture of the In-Memory Database
    • Application Cases for SAP HANA
    • How SAP HANA Affects Application Development
    • Code Pushdown
    • Database as Whitebox
    • Required Qualifications for Developers
  • Module-10
    • Introducing the Development Environment
    • Overview of Eclipse
    • SAP’s Eclipse Strategy
    • Unbundling of Eclipse and SAP Software
    • Central Update Site
    • Installing the Development Environment
    • Installing SAP HANA Studio
    • Installing the ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver
    • Getting Started in the Development System
    • Basic Principles of Eclipse
  • Module-11
    • ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver
    • SAP HANA Studio
    • Database Programming Using SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP
    • SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP Architecture
    • Database Interface
    • Role of the Database for the ABAP Application Server
    • Data Types
  • Module-12
    • ABAP Database Access
    • ABAP Data Dictionary
    • Open SQL
    • Database Views in the ABAP Data Dictionary
    • Database Access via Native SQL
    • Secondary Database Connections
    • Analyzing Database Accesses Using the SQL Trace
    • Statement Transformations
    • Secondary Connections
    • Native SQL
    • Buffer
  • Module-13
    • Introduction to ABAP Programming with SAP HANA 4
    • View Modeling in SAP HANA Studio
    • Attribute Views
    • Basic Principles
    • Creating Attribute Views
    • Calculated Fields
    • Hierarchies
  • Module-14
    • Attribute Views for Time Values Runtime Artifacts and SQL Access for Attribute Views
    • Analytic Views
    • Basic Principles
    • Creating Analytic Views
    • Calculated Key Figures
    • Currency Conversion and Unit Conversion
    • Runtime Artifacts and SQL Access for Analytic Views
    • Calculation Views
    • Basic Principles
    • Graphical Modeling of Calculation Views
    • Implementing Calculation Views via SQLScript
    • Runtime Artifacts and SQL Access for Calculation Views
    • Accessing Column Views via Microsoft Excel
    • Using SAP HANA Views in ABAP
  • Module-15
    • Access via Native SQL
    • External Views in the ABAP Data Dictionary
    • Options for Accessing External Views
    • Recommendations
    • Programming Options in SAP HANA
    • Overview of SQLScript
    • Qualities of SQLScript
    • Processing SQLScript
    • Implementing Database Procedures Basic Principles of Database Procedures
    • Creating Database Procedures
    • Using Variables
    • Calculation Engine Plan Operator
    • Imperative Enhancements
    • Accessing System Fields
    • Error Handling
    • Using Procedures in ABAP
    • Access Using Native SQL
    • Defining Database Procedure Proxies
    • Calling Database Procedure Proxies
    • Adjusting Database Procedure Proxies
  • Module-16
    • Application Transport
    • Basic Principles of the Transport System
    • Transport in SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP
    • Transport in SAP HANA
    • Combined ABAP/SAP HANA Transport
    • HANA Transport Container
    • Enhanced Transport System
    • Runtime and Error Analysis with SAP HANA
  • Module-17
    • Overview of the Tools Available
    • Error Analysis
    • Unit Tests
    • Dump Analysis
    • Tracing in SQLScript
    • Debugging SQLScript
  • Module-18
    • ABAP Code Analysis
    • Checks and Check Variants
    • Checks in the Development Infrastructure
    • Global Check Runs in the System
    • Runtime Statistics and Traces
    • Runtime Statistics
    • ABAP Trace and ABAP Profiler
    • SQL Trace
    • Single Transaction Analysis
    • Explain Plan
    • SAP HANA Plan Visualizer
    • System-Wide SQL Analyses
    • DBA Cockpit
    • SQL Monitor
    • SQL Performance Optimization


  • HANA/S4 HANA applications for the Healthcare Industry


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The certificate rewarded by us is proof that you have taken a big leap in HANA/S4 HANA domain.

Our Specialization is exhaustive and the certificate rewarded by us is proof that you have taken a big leap in HANA/S4 HANA domain.

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  • Created by team of both industry & academic experts having 20+ years of rich R&D experiance

Eligibility Criteria

  • Any Graduate with mathematical background/ Engineering or equivalent (e.g. BE / BTech / 4-year BSc / AMIE, etc.) in Computer Science / IT / Electronics / Electrical / Mechanical / CIVIL / Electronics / Computer Science/ IT / BCA / MCA / MSC / MBA or related areas.
  • Post Graduate in Engineering Sciences (e.g. MSc in Computer Science, IT, Electronics, etc
  • Graduate in any Discipline of Engineering or equivalent Sciences (e.g. MSc in Computer Science, IT, Electronics, etc
  • Post Graduate in Physics/ Computational Sciences/ Mathematics or allied areas.
  • Post Graduate in Management with graduation degree in Science/ IT/ Computers
  • The candidates must have secured a minimum of 50% marks in their qualifying examination.

Course Fee Structure

ONLINE TRAINING FEE for PG Diploma courses

Price : Rs 50,000/-( Including Tax) / 714

Duration : 6 Months Mon - Fri 1 Hr

CLASS ROOM TRAINING FEE for PG Diploma courses

Price : 80,000/-( Including Tax) / 1142

Duration : 6 Months Mon - Fri 1 Hr

Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Selected students can contact the Admissions Office for assistance in applying for loans after receiving the offer of admission. Our education loan lending partners include HDFC, Axis Bank, Tata Capital, Capital First and many more.

Placement Assistance

Up on successful completion of PGDP course & the participants who are very serious about their carrier & who clear the IT company standard certification exam @ our campus we are offering 100% placement assistance with our very strong placement team. Vaidehi Software, will use its strong HR corporate network to help candidates in the program make the transition to career to IT industry. For all qualifying candidates the Placement assistance will be extended till they get placed even after post completion of program.

Note :-

  • Only candidates who pass the respective IT standard certification exam will be eligible for outsourcing for client location or for placement assistance.
  • Placement is strictly depends up on the candidate dedication, efforts, commitment, performance in the internal tests, skills.
  • Vaidehi Software strives hard to place its students by conducting rigorous placement activities like mock interviews, soft skills from day one of the course.


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  • 1. What is the difference between online training and class room learning?

    In Online training, you will get

    • Access to live instructor-led training as per your enrolled batch
    • Learn from industry experts over online meeting tools like zoom
    • 24x7 support by the trainers.

    In Class room training, you will get

    • Intensive class room 1 to 1 training by the real time experts as per your enrolled batch
    • Learn from industry experts having rich 20+ years of experience in R&D.
    • 24x7 support by the trainers.

  • 2. What are the prerequisites and requirements for this course?

    No prerequisites

  • 3. Who will be the course instructors?

    Top industry experts with rich 20+ years of R&D experience in mentoring students across the world.

  • 4. What is the validity of course material?

    Soft copy of the course material will be mailed to you.

  • 5. How does online instructor-led training work?

    In online instructor-led training, team of experts will train you with a group of our course learners for 25+ hours over online conferencing software like Zoom & Webminar. Online Classes will happen every day from Monday to Friday.

  • 6. What is the certification process?

    At the end, of course, you will work on a real-time project. Once you are done with the project (it will be reviewed by an expert), you will be awarded a certificate which you can share on LinkedIn.

  • 7. How will be the practical or hands-on be conducted?

    Enrollment into course entails 30 days of free access to labs depending on date of enrollment. Can be extended based on permission.

  • 8. Can I renew my lab subscription?

    Yes, you can renew your subscription anytime. Please choose your desired plan for the lab and make payment to renew your subscription

  • 9. For instant help whom to contact directly?

    Mail our most dynamic & ever active director through email director@vaidehisoftware.com