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Salesforce training course is designed to ensure that you master the concepts of Salesforce Platform App builder. Our Salesforce training will help you learn how to configure Salesforce, so you are able to collect, analyze and retrieve all of the vital information associated with your customer base. Moreover, you will use Force.com fundamentals to understand Salesforce online application development and the deployment of next-generation cloud apps. We offer practical hands-on learning that will ensure your job success, as well as the theoretical knowledge needed to pass both Salesforce certification exams.


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17 Sept 2018
Online Instructor Based Training
30 days
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Mon to Fri (4 weeks)
10 AM - 12 PM
30 days
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Mon to Fri (4 weeks)
10 AM - 12 PM
30 days
514 46,000

Learning Path


About the Course

This course is a part of the Specialization Course Cloud Computing

Salesforce.com Architecture – MVC




Visual force Programming Overview

Apex Programming Overview

Object-Oriented Programming Features – OOPs Concepts

Reasons to go for Development

Styling VF Pages

CSS Introduction- (Cascading Style Sheets)

Inline CSS

Internal CSS

External CSS

CSS Best Practices

HTML – (Hyper Text Markup Language)

HTML Components on VF page

Building Pages using HTML

HTML Vs Visualforce Programming language

Different Editors to write the Code in Salesforce Sandbox Moudle-4

JavaScript Introduction

Onload Java Script

Internal Java Script

External Java Script

Java Script Best Practices

Static Resources

Adding External CSS files to the static resources

Adding External Javascript files to the static resources

Displaying Images from Static Resources

Apex Class Creation – Calling

Apex Overview

Object Oriented Features

Class & Object


Polymorphism (Method Overloading)

Data Abstraction

Data Encapsulation

Benefits in Object Oriented Programming Language

Defining Class & Object

Access Specifies

Method Declarations

Calling Class methods with Class Instances

Debugging results-Debug Logs

Naming conventions

Code Commenting to Classes & Methods defined in the code.

APEX Data Types

Primitive – Integer, String, Date, Date / Time etc

Collections (List, Set and Map)


Standard Controller Use Cases

Record set var

Standard Save

Inline Visual force Pages

Overriding Standard Buttons



SOQL Query – Query data with SOQL and place them on Pages

Custom Save Functionality

With Sharing class Vs without Sharing Class

User mode Execution Vs System mode Execution

Working with Pageblock table, Data table, Data list and Repeat


Enhancing the existing class code with Extensions

Save – Standard controller with extension samples

Using multiple Extension classes on Visualforce Page

Developer Console

DML Operations on Single record from Developer console

DML Operations on Multiple records from Developer console

Multitenant Architecture & Governing limits – Overview

Filtering the Logs.

Output Link Usage

Page navigation with output links

Dynamic Binding the URLs for Navigations

Command Link Usage

Command link usage

Param tag to pass the Ids

Difference between output links and command links

Page reference Class Usage

Page navigation using page reference class

Passing Ids from One page to another Page using Pagereference Classes

Different ways to use the page reference classes. Moudle-8

Wrapper Classes

Wrapper Introduction

Importance of wrapper classes in a Project.

Wrapper Use cases

Display multi object data

Adding check boxes to the data and perform related operations

Assignments to work on Wrapper classes.

View State

Enable the View State on Pages

View State Overview

Handling View State Limit in Apex

Inner Queries & Relational Queries

Inner Query – Query to retrieve associated child of a parent

Relational Query – Query to retrieve parent data from Child

Real time Scenarios to work with Inner and Relational SOQL Query.



Trigger Overview

Defining Triggers in Salesforce

Trigger Events

Trigger Context variables

Context variable Vs Trigger Events

Calling a class from Trigger and passing parameters

Bulk Triggers Vs Single Triggers

Error throwing using addError() method in Trigger

Recursive Triggers

Handling Recursive Triggers

Static variable use cases

Trigger Best Practices

Testing the trigger code with Bulk payload


Components Overview

Defining Components

Executing Components through Browser

Calling Components in VF pages

Component Reusability


Error Throwing on VF pages – Apex Message Class

Preparing the error messages in controller and throw show on VF page

Different ways to show Error Messages

Exception Handling in Apex


Exception Handling Overview

Different type of Errors in an

Application -Syntax Errors

Logical Errors


Try block

Real time Scenarios


Package Overview

Defining packages

Package Types



Managed vs Unmanaged Packages

Installing vs Uninstalling the packages.

App-Exchange Products

Importance of App Exchange Products

Installing packages

Uninstalling packages

Test Classes

Importance Test Classes.

Code coverage with test classes

Running Test methods

@isTest Annotation

Test Data Create in Test Class.

Test Class Best Practices

Force.com Sites-Public website Building

com Site Overview.

com Domain Registration

Create Force.com Site

Adding public Access Settings.

Building public websites for the external Users.

Configure Guest User Profile.

com Site Limits.


Static SOQL

Dynamic SOQL

Executing Dynamic SOQL Queries

SOQL Query Limitations


Search data through SOSL Query

Difference Between SOQL & SOSL


Select List, Select Option and SelectOptions

Placing drop down list with static data (static drop down)

Placing drop down list with dynamic data (dynamic drop down)

Batch Apex

Batch Apex Overview

Multitenant Architecture-Governing Limits

How Batch Apex Helps to overcome Governing Limits

Different Methods Used in Batch Apex

Calling Batch Apex from Developer Console

Calling a Batch from another Batch.

Ways to call the Batch Apex

Batch Apex Limitations

Scheduling Apex

Scheduling Apex Overview

Different Methods used in Scheduling Apex

Apex Scheduling through Standard UI

Apex Scheduling through Developer Console

Scheduling Apex Limitations

Force.com IDE


com IDE Configuration

Writing the code from Eclipse

Deployment with Eclipse

Test Run from Force.com IDE

Different sandboxes

Sandbox Overview

Different Type of Sandboxes

Developer Sandbox

Developer Pro Sandbox

Configuration only Sandbox


Sandbox vs Production Environments


Changeset Overview

Types of Changeset

Outbound Changeset

Inbound Changeset



Applications for the Healthcare Industry with Sales Force


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