About the Course

DevOps Training has been designed to understand the significance of DevOps. This training would enable us to grasp the concepts of how DevOps transformation can help focus on value and streamline delivery and also learn about the common infrastructure servers, scalability, and availability, which will be another feature of this training program. Both Online & Classroom DevOps Training also covers the application of Bash/Python basics and provides an understanding of the performance and security for infrastructure. The student will also learn DevOps tools like Puppets, Jenkins, Nagios, GIT, etc. during this program.


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17 Sept 2018
Online Instructor Based Training
30 days
371 36,000


Mon to Fri (4 weeks)
10 AM - 12 PM
30 days
514 46,000

Mon to Fri (4 weeks)
10 AM - 12 PM
30 days
514 46,000

Learning Path


About the Course

This course is a part of the Specialization Course Cloud Computing

Introduction to DevOps

What is DevOps?

History of DevOps

Dev and Ops

DevOps definitions, Software Development Life Cycle and main objectives of the DevOps

Infrastructure As A Code

Prerequisites for DevOps

Tools (Jenkins, Chef, Docker, Vagrant and so on.)

Continuous Integration and Development

Linux Concepts

Linux Installation

User Management

Package Management


Automation Concepts

OS Basics

Scripting Introduction

Learn Shell Scripting

Database Concepts

Shell Variable, Decision Making and Shell Test Conditions

Shell Loops, Re-directors, Exit status

Revision Controls System

Subversion Controls/Git

Working with local repositories, remote repositories





Installation of Git Server

Configuration Management

Chef/Puppet/Ansible Introduction

Chef server Hands-on, workstation setup, Chef Distribution Kit and Concepts





Run list



Build Automation

Introduction with Maven

Maven structure and Phases

Installation of Maven


jar/war project structure

Tomcat Web Server

Installation and Configuration

Tomcat Manager

Application Management

App Deployment Methods

Nexus Artifacts/Proxy Tool

Introduction to Nexus

Installation and Configuration

Repository Management

Proxy Management

Integration with Maven

Jenkins Framework

Introduction to Jenkins

Jenkins Installation

User Profile and Management

Security and Plugins Management

Builds Setup

Integration with Git, Maven, Tomcat

LAMP Setup

Apache/HTTPD Web Service

Installation of Apache

Configuration of Apache

Static Pages

Dynamic Pages

PHP Integration

MySQL Database

Working with Database

Introduction to MySQL Database


User management

Permission management

Creating Database

Data insertion/update

MySQL Data Backup, Hands-on and MySQL GUI Tools

Installation of WordPress with LAMP


Introduction to Vagrant

Vagrant Terminologies

Installation of Vagrant

Vagrant Proxy Project and hands-on

Working with Docker

Introduction to Docker

Docker Terminologies

Installation of Docker

Docker image creation and Docker hands-on

System Monitoring

Introduction to Nagios

Concepts behind Nagios

Nagios Installation


DevOps Project Work

Project LAMP Setup

Web layer

DB Layer

App Layer




Applications for the Healthcare Industry with Azure


1.The certificate rewarded by us is proof that you have taken a big leap in DevOps.

2. Our Specialization is exhaustive and the certificate rewarded by us is proof that you have taken a big leap in cloud computing domain.

3.Differentiate yourself The knowledge you have gained from working on projects, videos, quizzes, hands-on assessments and case studies gives you a competitive edge.

4.Share your achievement Highlight your new skills on your resume, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Tell your friends and colleagues about it.
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Course Creators

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In online instructor-led training, team of experts will train you with a group of our course learners for 25+ hours over online conferencing software like Zoom & Webminar. Online Classes will happen every day from Monday to Friday.

At the end, of course, you will work on a real-time project. Once you are done with the project (it will be reviewed by an expert), you will be awarded a certificate which you can share on LinkedIn.

Enrollment into course entails 30 days of free access to labs depending on date of enrollment. Can be extended based on permission.

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