About the Course

This course explores the importance of SAP HANA for ABAP development, as well as the new opportunities presented by ABAP 7.4 in the context of in-memory database technology thus making this course a must for every single ABAP developer. The new features in SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.4 support the application developers at SAP in optimizing existing ABAP programs for SAP HANA and implementing completely new applications based on SAP HANA. A non-disruptive way of migrating existing business processes to SAP HANA, while at the same time developing completely new applications, now exists for the entire ABAP ecosystem.


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17 Sept 2018
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Mon to Fri (4 weeks)
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30 days
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Learning Path


About the Course

This course is a part of the Specialization Course in SAP ABAP FOR HANA

Software Components of SAP HANA

SAP HANA Database



SAP HANA Function Libraries

Software for Data Replication

Software for Direct Data Access

Lifecycle Management Components

Basic Principles of In-Memory Technology

Architecture of the In-Memory Database

Application Cases for SAP HANA

How SAP HANA Affects Application Development

Code Pushdown

Database as Whitebox

Required Qualifications for Developers

Introducing the Development Environment

Overview of Eclipse

SAP’s Eclipse Strategy

Unbundling of Eclipse and SAP Software

Central Update Site

Installing the Development Environment

Installing SAP HANA Studio

Installing the ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver

Getting Started in the Development System

Basic Principles of Eclipse

ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver


Database Programming Using SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP

SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP Architecture

Database Interface

Role of the Database for the ABAP Application Server

Data Types

ABAP Database Access

ABAP Data Dictionary

Open SQL

Database Views in the ABAP Data Dictionary

Database Access via Native SQL

Secondary Database Connections

Analyzing Database Accesses Using the SQL Trace

Statement Transformations

Secondary Connections

Native SQL


Introduction to ABAP Programming with SAP HANA 4

View Modeling in SAP HANA Studio

Attribute Views

Basic Principles

Creating Attribute Views

Calculated Fields


Attribute Views for Time Values Runtime Artifacts and SQL Access for Attribute Views

Analytic Views

Basic Principles

Creating Analytic Views

Calculated Key Figures

Currency Conversion and Unit Conversion

Runtime Artifacts and SQL Access for Analytic Views

Calculation Views

Basic Principles

Graphical Modeling of Calculation Views

Implementing Calculation Views via SQLScript

Runtime Artifacts and SQL Access for Calculation Views

Accessing Column Views via Microsoft Excel

Using SAP HANA Views in ABAP

Access via Native SQL

External Views in the ABAP Data Dictionary

Options for Accessing External Views


Programming Options in SAP HANA

Overview of SQLScript

Qualities of SQLScript

Processing SQLScript

Implementing Database Procedures Basic Principles of Database Procedures

Creating Database Procedures

Using Variables

Calculation Engine Plan Operator

Imperative Enhancements

Accessing System Fields

Error Handling

Using Procedures in ABAP

Access Using Native SQL

Defining Database Procedure Proxies

Calling Database Procedure Proxies

Adjusting Database Procedure Proxies

Application Transport

Basic Principles of the Transport System

Transport in SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP

Transport in SAP HANA

Combined ABAP/SAP HANA Transport

HANA Transport Container

Enhanced Transport System

Runtime and Error Analysis with SAP HANA

Overview of the Tools Available

Error Analysis

Unit Tests

Dump Analysis

Tracing in SQLScript

Debugging SQLScript

ABAP Code Analysis

Checks and Check Variants

Checks in the Development Infrastructure

Global Check Runs in the System

Runtime Statistics and Traces

Runtime Statistics

ABAP Trace and ABAP Profiler

SQL Trace

Single Transaction Analysis

Explain Plan

SAP HANA Plan Visualizer

System-Wide SQL Analyses

DBA Cockpit

SQL Monitor

SQL Performance Optimization



Applications for the Healthcare Industry with ABAP HANA


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